About RFBR

  • General information

    General information
    The Russian Foundation for Basic Research takes significant place in system of the organization of Russian science. Now the RFBR is the not only existing structure, but also the new system of the relations covering all aspects of scientific community life. The RFBR supports the most active scientific and technical potential of the country, provides scientists of Russia with financial support, realizes competitive funding mechanisms for scientific researches on the basis of expert estimates.
  • Documents

    This section contains normative legal acts, the resolutions of the Government of the Russian Federation concerning activity of RFBR, and also the Charter of the RFBR, Resolutions of RFBR Board and the program of activity of the RFBR.
  • Funding

    The funds of the Foundation are formed out of: State subsidies, making up to 6% of the funds allocated to civil science in the budget of the Russian Federation; voluntary donations of enterprises, institutions, organizations and citizens, including foreign legal entities and individuals. Data on funding RFBR from State budget since 1993.
  • Results RFBR

    Results RFBR
    Last year the Russian Foundation for Basic Research celebrated its 20th anniversary. In connection with this event the Foundation received telegrams and letters of congratulation with best wishes from Russian and foreign partners, colleagues, members of Russian and foreign scientific societies, government organizations and development institutions.
  • Scientific ooperation

    Scientific ooperation
    Information on the organizations with which the RFBR cooperates. Scientific funds, departments and academies, libraries and the information centers which are carrying out joint activity with the RFBR.
  • About the Chairman of the RFBR

    About the Chairman of the RFBR
    Chairman of the Board of RFBR, Panchenko Vladislav Yakovlevich, directs the work of the Foundation and the Office of the Foundation Board, ensures the achievement of main objective of the Foundation activities in accordance with the present Charter, represents the Foundation in Government bodies as well as in organizations and is personally responsible for the Foundation activities.
  • Structure

    The Russian Foundation for Basic Research consists of the RFBR Board and RFBR Staff, which task is to provide implementation of decisions of RFBR Board, to create conditions for effective work of advisory councils, to provide maintenance of grants, to inform scientists on RFBR activity. The RFBR Staff is headed by director of RFBR who is appointed to a position for four-year term and is dismissed by the chairman of the RFBR Board with the subsequent adoption of appointment and release by the Government of the Russian Federation.
  • Contacts

    32a, Leninskiy prospect Street, Moscow, Russia, 119991.