The date of publication: 07.05.2013

The funds of the Foundation are formed out of:

  • State subsidies, making up to 6% of the funds allocated to civil science in the budget of the Russian Federation;
  • voluntary donations of enterprises, institutions, organizations and citizens, including foreign legal entities and individuals.

Data on funding RFBR from State budget since 1993.

RFBR budget from 1993 till 2013.

The funds of the Foundation are being used for:

  • funding for research projects and other activities, selected through competitions held by the Fund;
  • acquisition and dissemination of scientific information to support basic scientific research;
  • administrative costs, development of material, technical and information resources of the Foundation, conducting expert examinations.

The distribution of funds among different activities of RFBR is approved annually by the Board of the Foundation. A major portion of the funds of the Foundation (over 70%) is directed to provide funding for research projects submitted on the initiative of scientists and conducted by small research groups (up to 10 members) or by individual scientists. A project submitted on the initiative of individual scientist has a maximum funding period of three years. The diagram shows the planned distribution of budget funds by activity types of RFBR in 2013.

Funding planned assignment for 2013.

Funds for research in particular areas of knowledge are distributed according to number of applications submitted for competitions among initiative-based research projects. The diagram shows the planned distribution of budget allocations among different areas of knowledge in 2013.

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