Talks in Germany

On 31 Oct 2011 talks between RFBR Board Chairman academician V.Y. Panchenko and president of German scientific foundation "Helmholz Association" prof. Yurgen Mlynek were held in Berlin. The talks were held in the framework of regular meetings of the heads of the two foundations which have been cooperating since 2007.

The meeting was devoted to analysing the results of the two foundations' support of Russian-German research projects, which had been selected earlier after joint RBBR-HA competitions, and also the results of the 2011 competition. As a result of the talks the sides agreed to support six new three-year projects, which will receive financing in 2012, and also to approve the subjects of the next joint competition on the basis of RFBR propositions.

On the same day RFBR Board Chairman visited an HA scientific centre for material and energy studies in Berlin, where he familiarised himself with the centre's program and its laboratories.

The German side was represented by HA director of strategic development Dr. Stefani Dittmar, director of research Dr. Stefan Yoss, head of department of research on the subject "Structure of materials" Dr. Ricarda Opitz, curator of program "Support of young scientists" Nina Loechte, and head of HA Moscow office Dr. Martin Sandhop.