RFBR Delegation Visits PRC

On 3-7 June RFBR delegation headed by RFBR Board Chairman academician V.Y. Panchenko visited PRC by invitation from National Natural Science Foundation (NNSF) of China.

After its arrival to Beijing the delegation was received by NNSF president Chen Yiyu, who discussed questions of bilateral cooperation and the perspectives of its further development. Its current scope can be seen in the number of projects selected yearly for grant support in the RFBR-NNSF competiotion (up to 50) and also by the overall number of projects receiving joint financing from the two funds – about 100 at present.

The question of holding an additional competition for joint interdisciplinary research was discussed at the meeting, continuing talks which started in 2010. As a result of the meeting the sides agreed to announce the competition before the end of 2011.

After Beijing the RFBR delegation visited Guangzhou and Shanghai. In Guangzhou the delegation visited the National Institute for Non-Ferrous Metals, which is in essense one of the largest national scientific centres, serving as a base for a large number of specific-profile institutes. Their heads talked in detail about the scientific activities of their organisations. Opinions were exchanged on the subject of possible participation of institute employees in research projects financed by RFBR and NNSF together.

During its stay in Shanghai the delegation visited the local institute of optics and precision mechanics, which is a part of the Chinese science academy. The hosts offered a chance to get acquainted with the work of its laboratories and showed a great interest in a wider representation of their research scientists in Russian-Chinese projects supported together by RFBR and NNSF.